Monday, 16 January 2012

I'm back with purpose!

Unfortunately a few family demands have distracted me from my writing over the past couple of months, I unfortunately lost my step-father after a difficult period of ill health.  When dealing with a close family member with cancer, it spreads like a virus though everyone particularly when it's terminal. Sad times indeed!

After catching up this morning on where I'm at, my plan today is to get on with my book.  After researching various ways of earning an income from writing, the recent break has convinced me that the main reason for doing all of this was to finish my book, if I follow all the hooks and promises offered out there, I'll never finish what I started.  So in the vein hope that I ever finish Stolen Memories AND that someone finds it worthy of a publishing deal AND that readers find it interesting enough to buy it in volumes, I may one day earn some money.

In the meantime I will aim for the satisfaction of completing what I started.  Watch this space!

Regards, Mel.

Inspiration for today: If you don't believe in something, it doesn't mean that it's still not the right thing to do!

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Nick Wilford said...

You've been through a tough time and it's no wonder your book's taken a back seat. In time, however, I believe that doing what we love can help us deal with these events. Best foot forward - I'm sure you'll finish it!

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