Thursday, 27 October 2011

An insight into my very first book - Stolen Memories

Nervously I have posted the beginning of my book for your to view, critique or commend, all of which are very welcome.

I say nervously as I am sure there are many of you who have doubts about whether you possess the skill or the ability to write, I know I do.

My book is more than half way through and I thought it was time to gauge some feedback.

I look forward to reading your comments (hopefully)!

My head is 'Blogged'

This week has been consumed with blogs and bloggers.  I remain utterly bemused about how this all works, however with some fear and trepidation, I have joined Book Blogs, a helpful networking forum for book lovers - readers and writers, improved the design and facilities within my blog as recommended and progressed such extras as Adsense, RSS feeders, etc.  The members have a wealth of knowedge and have been so kind and helpful to get me started.

My problem now is what do I write where - I have a website, a blog with Blogger and now a member of Book head is blogged and I'm confused.  Surely we don't write on all mediums, maybe I need to learn more and figure out what I want to say on each.

I am still without the nicotine, (Day No. 5), however with some bad news yesterday confirming the suspicions about the health of a close relative, I'm finding today a little challenging.  So my main aim is to remain at the computer and keep busy.

I have a plan today, which has been a rarity over the past couple of weeks, to follow up on 4 new blogs which I have discovered, update my own blog, ask a question on Book Blogs re the merits of non-fiction to novel and to write two chapters in my own book. 

Fingers crossed I don't get distracted.....again!

One word at a time...... (breath)

Monday, 24 October 2011

strUgling to conSentrate wIthOut niCoteen!

Having taken the leap of faith yesterday to ditch the dastardly cancer sticks, I find myself in a lost place with an ache for something or someone that has no name.  I feel that someone very close to me has died and yet no-one has. How can such an inanimate object create such psychological trauma?

36 hours into the agonising process, I find myself surprisingly okay.  No screaming at the kids, or self-pitying tears.... just a longing.  I can deal with this! It's not killing me, just making me slightly distracted and slightly sad.

Having indulged in far too many sweet things yesterday, my main aim today is to keep busy and out of the chocolate cupboard.   The only difficulty thus far is that as nicotine stimulates the brain I am finding it difficult to concentrate!  Persevere I will.

I have found this web site which has helped me to understand why I am feeling the way I am, and to know that a craving is likely to last only 3 minutes gives me confidence and patience to deal with them.

I will keep you posted on my progress, any support or empathy gratefully appreciated. :-(

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New to Blogger!

My name is Melissa Sinclair, a mum that empathises with a vast number of women out there, who day after day spreads herself too thinly with little time for herself. I have been lucky enough recently to discard the day job and have taken some time out to explore the various opportunities of becoming a writer.
Today I've launched my website and a blog and really proud of my achievement!

One word at a time..