Thursday, 27 October 2011

My head is 'Blogged'

This week has been consumed with blogs and bloggers.  I remain utterly bemused about how this all works, however with some fear and trepidation, I have joined Book Blogs, a helpful networking forum for book lovers - readers and writers, improved the design and facilities within my blog as recommended and progressed such extras as Adsense, RSS feeders, etc.  The members have a wealth of knowedge and have been so kind and helpful to get me started.

My problem now is what do I write where - I have a website, a blog with Blogger and now a member of Book head is blogged and I'm confused.  Surely we don't write on all mediums, maybe I need to learn more and figure out what I want to say on each.

I am still without the nicotine, (Day No. 5), however with some bad news yesterday confirming the suspicions about the health of a close relative, I'm finding today a little challenging.  So my main aim is to remain at the computer and keep busy.

I have a plan today, which has been a rarity over the past couple of weeks, to follow up on 4 new blogs which I have discovered, update my own blog, ask a question on Book Blogs re the merits of non-fiction to novel and to write two chapters in my own book. 

Fingers crossed I don't get distracted.....again!

One word at a time...... (breath)

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One word at a time..